Jared Pugh


                                 Melanie Pugh

Pastor’s Wife/Small Groups Leader

Daniel Guerrero

Administrative Assistant/Anchor Student Pastor

Riley Jenkins

Administrative Assistant/Music Director

Karli Jenkins

Children’s Ministry Director/Music Director

Darlene Otis

Financial Administrator

Sharon Statum

Oxygen (Young Marrieds) Leader/Ladies’ Ministry

Bryan Thompson

Worship Leader/Connect (40s and 50s) Leader

Dianna Thompson

Care Ministry/Media/Connect (40s and 50s) Leader

John and Lisa Petry

Justin and Natha Mahoney

Fireproof (20s and 30s) Leaders

Keith and Kim Willis

Keepers of the Flame (60+) Leaders

Sandra Chambers

Single Adult Ministry Leader

Betty Wing


Ryan Baid

Sound/Lights Production

Lindsey Thompson

Website Manager